Chemical Injection

Starting Price: $23,080.00

Chemical Injection

  • Highly accurate dosing control.
  • No external moving components.
  • 316 SS or KYNAR material used in all areas in contact with chemical
  • S/A connector allows no-tool removal of the liquid end from the drive for service.
  • Dual seal technology for low leakage.
  • Ceramic plungers:
    • Extremely resistant to damage
    • Compatible with all known liquids
    • Almost unlimited life span

Parallel Systems

Chemical injection in conjunction with rainwater harvesting

  • inCon-trol systems can work in tandem. By implementing multiple systems designs can not only be element to the new sustainability movement. Additionally, with organic chemical options offered by inCon-trol ownership can capitalize on all efficiencies while utilizing a green mentality.
  • Please reach out to our design team for concept pricing, budgets, or estimating firm proposals for final approval.