Self-Cleaning Filter Series

To maintain an effective irrigation system, it is vital that the water supply be free of particles that can clog valves, nozzles, and drip zone filter units. inCon-trol's line of self-cleaning filters insure that these particles don't enter the system and that the filter doesn't compromise theirrigation systems' performance. Their maintenance friendly design reduces downtime, allowing the irrigation system to run at full capacity.

  • Flows From 20 - 1000 GMP
  • Screen Sizes From 10 - 1500 Microns
  • 316 Stainless Steel Screen
  • Hydraulic or Electrically Controlled
  • Short Flush Cycle
  • Low Pressure Loss Design
  • Heated Aluminum Enclosure
  • Optional Integration w/ Pump Systems

Submarine Suction Series

Water systems are smart when the components that make them up are created that way. Green irrigation systems and any water feature design should always include the latest innovations to ensure performance ongoing. One great component that can be used in various applications features a groundbreaking design. Would you expect anything less from a company that creates smart water solutions?

Submarine Suction Series: The innovative design of the patented Submarine Suction allows the installation of a suction line in an existing body of water. The Submarine Suction can be buoyant, allowing for proper placement of the component in a body of water. Once the unit is located in the desired location, the Submarine Suction is designed to descend to a desired depth. The design ingenuity of the Submarine Suction allows the component to ascend and descend utilizing a patented ballast system, which allows for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Water resistant ballast system
  • Patented product
  • In-take assembly – suction screen w/ foot valve
  • Aluminum framing and bracing
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Secure, flanged connections
  • Flanged HDPE discharge heavy duty pipe
  • NEMA rated electrical control enclosuresNEMA rated electrical control enclosures
  • UL listed componentry