Manufacturing water system components gives us an inside scoop on determining what's best for your water system. We create smart water solutions that require the very best parts to perform well.


inCon-trol's pumps and electronic systems are specifically designed for landscape water use, and are configured to regulate pressure during normal operation yet limit flow in case of potential high-flow situations. Our exclusive pump safety logic guards against low/high flow, low/high motor current, low/high line voltage and has customer configurable automated restart routines in case of a fault. Now isn't that smart?


Water systems are smart when the components that make them up are created that way. Green irrigation systems and any water feature design should always include the latest innovations to ensure performance ongoing. One great component that can be used in various applications features a groundbreaking design. Would you expect anything less from a company that creates smart water solutions?


Our irrigation chemical treatment systems are created with the same time and attention we give our quality irrigation pump stations and green irrigation systems. Water treatment systems are just one of the applications for our chemical treatment systems. Our solutions incorporate the latest technologies and smart design to ensure proper treatment of your water.


Electronic water control is one of many areas we have perfected so we are capable of providing turnkey solutions for our customers. We are a UL 508A listed panel shop. This means our products are certified and inspected by a globally recognized independent safety science company. Whether our panels are used to control lake leveling systems, landscape irrigation systems, or water features, they are all designed and built with the same level of care we take in everything we do.