Water Harvesting

Water Harvesting

  • System consists of tank, associated plumbing, and pumping system.
  • Plug and Play after: Provide power to panel, connect POC for supply line to tank and POC to discharge.
  • Each system is unique based on the demand. Most systems utilize our Gale Force Eco Series pump station.
  • Above ground tanks have an aluminum exterior, but can be wrapped with cedar, vinyl, or powder coating to the change the aesthetics to suit the environment.
  • Below ground tanks are also an option given there is available footprint for tanks in the ground per the demand. Multiple tanks can be utilized for the system.
  • Enclosures are aluminum, but alternative media can be provided upon request.
  • Water conservation will lead to a faster return on investment.

Above Ground Simple System:

  • Starting Price: $35,000.00

Below Ground Simple System:

  • Starting Price: $40,000.00

Complex Water Harvesting System: