To define us in the simplest of terms:

We’re in the business of moving water.

inCon-trol Water Systems is a leader in the landscape water usage industry, and we’re confident our unique approach to business consistently serves as the foundation for our success. There is so much that we take into consideration on each and every project so that you can be assured the solutions we provide are the right ones. Unlike so many others in the industry, we have a unique perspective that allows us to provide quality solutions at every turn.

We provide quality solutions at every turn.

That perspective is provided by the fact that we’ve been manufacturing our own water movement parts including irrigation pump stations, electronic water control, and anything else required to move water effectively and efficiently for over a decade.

We’re not just installers, we manufacture the solutions we install.

Having a great team is vital. At inCon-trol we are proud of the team we’ve put together, and we weren’t only focused on experience while filling our stables. Although our team’s combined experience is pretty impressive, we have put together an A-team of the brightest, most diverse talents in the water systems industry. Our team is made up of landscape architects, design professionals, degreed electrical, mechanical & energy engineers, master electricians, master plumbers, fabricators, and installers with seasoned contracting experience.

All of our mechanical, electrical and plumbing work, including vault installation and waterproofing, is performed by our own professionals. However, we can provide turnkey solutions on any project using the network of subcontractors we’ve established long-term, proven relationships with.

inCon-trol Water Systems has a keen eye for design.

Acknowledging the principles of landscape architecture, we see ourselves as stewards of the land. We believe this responsibility creates design opportunities, not constraints. Whether it’s a commercial fountain design, lake leveling systems, or the most intricate water system logistics, the environment is always considered in every design decision. Our diverse collection of educational backgrounds allows us to create smart water management in every situation.

inCon-trol Water Systems is a Pump Station manufacturing company with a wholly-owned subsidiary company inCon-trol Construction. We take great pride in the products we produce.