When it comes to construction the real question you have to ask yourself is:

Who is really doing the construction?

All of our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work, including vault installation and waterproofing, is performed by inCon-trol experts. Who better to install the equipment other than the people who designed and manufactured it? No one. If the scope of your project goes beyond that, we can provide turnkey solutions on any project with the network of subcontractors we’ve established proven long-term relationships with.

Water Features, Irrigation Pumping Systems, Rainwater Harvesting

And so many other areas in the business of moving water, require construction.

Following are a few of the areas we cover:

  • M.E.P (mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems) – Water system logistics take into account all of the vital components needed to move water efficiently. inCon-trol constructs the pumps and electrical systems required to make the water features, fountains and landscapes we all know and love.
  • Excavation – Before a water system can ever be put into place, the area must be properly prepared. We handle all site excavation and any excavation related to the installation of storage tanks or vaults.
  • Water storage tanks (rainwater/storm water or HVAC condensate) – Your project may not include an irrigation pump station, but when a water storage tank is required we ensure that it is constructed and installed correctly.
  • Vaults (equipment or water storage) – Vaults are constructed below grade and they can be used in a variety of applications. Many are used to house equipment, but some are used to handle fountain or water feature surge or overflow when the feature is not in use.
  • Waterproofing – When your projects involve the movement of water, waterproofing comes in to play. Water features, green irrigation systems and commercial fountain designs all could require some level of waterproofing in the construction. We use the latest fluid applied waterproofing membrane products to smartly cover you.
  • Turnkey installations – Turnkey pretty much says it all for this one. Water system installation is something we do. Designing and executing full systems involving complex water system logistics is fully within our capability. When it comes to installation, whatever the job calls for we can get it done.
  • Management – In addition to being well-educated and diverse, the inCon-trol team knows how to manage people. Every project requires bringing a team with varying skill-sets together towards a common goal. We take our management of people as seriously as we do managing the flow of water.
  • Value Engineering – This is a service we are able to provide because of our turnkey expertise. We can look at any design to determine if there are areas to save money over the original cost or to improve the project’s ability to function efficiently ongoing. Bottom line is we save you money by helping you with any phase of project.